Crafts Fayre and Classes

As part of the activity programme at Victoria Care Home, membership has been gained in to the North East Lancashire Activity Forum which consists of a constituted group of care homes in the local area. As such the home has been successful with recent funding bids and as a result has managed to secure access to activity boxes for the residents to delve in to as well as a number of organised craft days.

During the craft days, professionals visit the home bringing all their craft supplies along with them and work alongside the residents to create some truly wonderful designs and art work. The day is filled with chit chat about past experiences and hobbies and ensures that residents are socialising with various people from all different back grounds. The day creates such a buzz around the home and we also end up with a number of extraordinary accessories for the garden area, resident bedrooms and communal areas.

On the 4th February 2017, the home held its very own craft fayre, a number of stalls were set up and the items designed and made by the residents during the craft days were up for sale. The day was really successful and overall a sum of £110,15  was raised for the residents funds.

The North East Lancashire Activity Forum has been such a success and we are thankful for the opportunities it has provided for the home and residents.