Animal Therapy with Sea Lions, Snakes and Monkeys

Throughout October 2017, a number of stimulating day trips and events were arranged for the residents of Victoria Care Home in conjunction with OOMPH Wellness and Out and About. Two events that recently received rave reviews from residents was Knowsley Safari Park and an in-house activity, Zoo Lab.

Residents set out on the OOMPH mini bus to Knowsley Safari Park, were they enjoyed the impressive wild animal safari! They roamed around the park in the warmth of the mini bus viewing lions, tigers and monkeys, the sea lions seemed to be the most loved of the whole day. After they had completed the 5 mile safari, it was time to settle down with a hot cup of tea and cake at the café on the park before heading home for tea.

Later in the month, the Activity Coordinator arranged an in house activity with Zoo lab, they brought along a number of animals including a snake, bat, tarantula and even some creepy crawlies such as millipedes. The Zoo Lab representatives took the animals around the room giving each Resident the opportunity to touch and hold them. All the residents were keen to get involved and really enjoyed holding the different creatures in the comfort of their own home.

Activities like these are thoroughly enjoyed by both Residents and Staff and have been found to have a therapeutic benefit, everyone is looking forward to the next animal themed experiences.